Gibraltar 15-16 Noticia Completa

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Our school trip started at seven o'clock on the 15th January.

This year, 4 students of 4th E.S.O. from San Felipe Neri went to visit Gibraltar by bus to learn more about English culture. An activity related to our bilingual experience.
After a short break to have breakfast our arrival at Gibraltar was at eleven o'clock, more or less.
First of all we had to cross customs as we are Spanish citizens, but it was faster and there weren't any problems at all. We were driven on bus-taxis to the top of the “Peñón” The first stop was to contemplate the greatness of the sea and the African coast opposite us.

We also could see a mosque which had been built after paying 7 million euros for it, due to the lack of space available.
Afterwards we went to Saint Michael's Caves, which are underground. The caves were created by rain drops that throughout years, formed stalactites of enormous beauty and currently the place is used as an auditorium.

It was believed that the cave ends of a subterranean tunnel over 15 miles (24 km) long which passes under the Strait of Gibraltar. Legend says that the Barbary Macaques entered The Rock from Morocco. That could be the reason they are still around the cave. Another legend says that they will disappear when Gibraltar becomes Spanish again.

We ended our visit at about two o'clock and here are some of the conclusions we got:

• The prices were higher, especially for food and drinks.

• A lot of luxury shops (jewels and perfumes)

• There was  a lot of cultural diversity: on one hand working people, smart and fast pace and on the other hand, people enjoying the weather, having a drink, relaxed.

All in all, we had an amazing day.